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  1. David says:

    Congratulations on producing such a respectful,sensitively constructed film that gave us some insight into what your community has gone through, and ultimately achieved. Like many viewers, I fell in love with all the people featured and was struck by how brave and honest they were in sharing their personal stories. They are all amazing and I hope we can hear from them again in more of your work. Greeting from

  2. Cath says:

    Gorgeous girl, am so proud of you. The journey of this brilliant and heartbreaking yet loving doco is amazing and an exciting drop in your creative ocean. Love Cath

  3. Phillip Marzella says:

    Congrats Celeste and team. Great effort.


    P (Arlecchino!)

  4. Tamara McDonald says:

    I watched this film last night and was so moved by everyone in the film. How courageous you all are.
    I couldn’t stop thinking about you all and what you have all delt with. Gold medals to all of you and your special town.
    The film was made with a personal touch and feel to it. The lady who narrated it was amazing. Very endearing.
    Well done on a heart felt, moving film.
    Kind regards,
    Tamara. Herberton QLD.

  5. Kristine Glen says:

    saw the film on the ABC which brought me to tears, but then had the pleasure to listen to Celeste at the Australian Community Engagement and Fire Awareness Conference at Woollongong on Friday, last, what a fantastic woman I admire her and all the people from her community that took part in her documentary for her achievment with it, very inspirational, and one that all Australians should watch thank you Celeste

  6. Jorge says:

    Thank you and the folk of Strathheaven for opening up your hearts and sharing the sad experiences illustrated on this film. I saw the film at the 2012 Australian Community Engagement and Fire Awareness Conference yesterday and I heard some quiet sobs in the audience. I was also present during your keynote presentation. These were both good learning opportunities for us as responders and community members. Thank you again.

  7. Vicki says:

    Thank you for sharing this very personal and confronting story. I cried at so many moments in this beautifully made film, especially at the scene when the lovely chickens were handed out to their young designers. My family wish all at Strathewen our heartfelt best wishes, you are all truly remarkable people.

  8. Jan Samuels says:

    Your courage and empathy left me truly moved. you have a brave a d wonderful community .
    May all traumatized children one day have a handcrafted chicken to help them heal.
    Thank you

  9. Jenny says:

    This is truly an amazing and inspiring film! It is great to see such a local community coming together and fighting for survival. Really makes all normal day-to-day problems nothing compared to true tragedy. Well done!

  10. Leah says:

    What a beautiful film!! So much tragedy, yet so much hope. Not only does this very gentle show the amazing human soul, but the strength in community. just loved this doco, I can not recommend it more highly 5 stars!!!

  11. Catherine Devlin says:

    Dear Celeste,

    You have made art out of devastation.

    Thank you.

  12. Mike and Michelle Watson says:

    Dear Celeste,

    We have just watched your extraordinary film and and have been moved beyond words. Your beautiful narration has given us so much to think about and the visual imagery will stay with us for a long time.

    Living in a close knit, bushland community in the hills of Perth we have always wondered, would we stay if we were burnt out. Your film has given us inspiration, courage, hope, a renewed appreciation of the community we live in and energy to keep building that community.

    We wish the wonderful people of Strathewan continued healing and strength for the hard times as well as moments of pure joy in their renewed appreciation of the good times.

    Thank you Celeste and thank you to your family and community for having the courage to share their story with us all.

    PS. Awesome letterbox!!

  13. Philip McCarthy says:

    To see a group of people brought together in such a way was all at once heartbreaking and heartwarming. No one would wish such an event upon a town and yet I found the bonding of the Strathewen community after the fires uplifting and something I doubt that I will experience. I saw that bond in soup night and the rebuilding of the school. I did not take notice of the soundtrack until the last scene when I could not ignore it: the piano and guitar piece playing in the background whilst the people of Strathewen were walking down the road through the forest made for a moving and haunting closing. I wish I could buy the soundtrack as a way of celebrating the resilience of the people of Strathewen. Thankyou Celeste for bringing this story to me.

  14. melissa says:

    Your story was amazing, told so beautifully, I cried so much watching and felt so touched by everyones stories of this time and their vulnerability that they shared so openly…thank you Celeste for your work, for who you are and what you have shared with us….I loved your passage at the end, the voice over, the words you spoke where so amazing, I would very much like to hear them again.

  15. Janet McLean says:

    Wow. From the opening sequence of the young family sheltering between the water tanks, to the palpable sadness of those who lost loved ones, this was a very intimate and powerful documentary. We also lost our home in Steels Creek but were fortunate to not be home on the day. Thanks to the people of Strathewen for sharing, and to the director for taking the time and effort to bring the stories together. Despite the terrible experiences and unimaginable grief that people had to bear, the community has obviously became stronger as a result of this tragedy.

  16. Angela Bateman says:

    I saw Then The Wind Changed last night and was moved by the honesty, strength and resilience of the community that were affected by the fire. The way that the healing took place and how the changes in the community were embraced was amazing. This was one of the most moving and inspirational films I have seen. Congratulations. The care, love and support shown by the film maker Celeste Geer was enlightening. The film was a real trigger to reflect on what is important in life.

  17. Jane Sloan says:

    A very moving documentary. So devasting, yet encouraging and inspirational at the same time. To the Sparkes family in particular, your ability to fight and to keep going is incredible.

  18. Kate Adamson says:

    Congratulations on producing such a respectful,sensitively constructed film that gave us some insight into what your community has gone through, and ultimately achieved. Like many viewers, I fell in love with all the people featured and was struck by how brave and honest they were in sharing their personal stories. They are all amazing and I hope we can hear from them again in more of your work.

  19. Peter McLennan says:

    Hello Celeste.
    I would like to thank you and your production team for making this film and I would especially like to thank YOU for what must have been many long hours contemplating just how to tell Strathewen’s story of recovery. I think you have done a wonderful job of highlighting the many, varied and complex shifts in emotion and mood that we have all been through. I want to watch it over and over again as there is so much in every frame. I only wish it was longer.

  20. Malcolm McKinnon says:

    Hi Celeste,

    Thanks so much for this beautiful piece of work. Such a powerful and deeply moving story. Congratulations!

  21. Denzil Hunter says:

    Well done on a wonderful film….hope the community keeps growing, looks like a fantastic place. Made us realize just how lucky we were, across the hills from you….but the wind changed in the right direction for us?
    bless you all and just a wonderful powerful inspiring and empathetic bit of film making

  22. belinda fox says:

    really brilliant doco guys. well done and congratulations on being so brave and wonderful. we wish you the very best for your future.

    thank you.

  23. Anne says:

    Strathewen, you are an awesome community. I fell in love with all the featured community members due to the balanced, respectful and intimate way in which they were filmed and allowed to tell their story without any artifice. Thankyou Celeste for a moving insight into a tragedy that affects us all to this day. I wish you all the very best of luck in your ongoing recovery but based on the strength of character illustrated tonight I feel confident you are all going to be fine!

  24. Lonja Dean says:

    Thank you Celeste.

  25. Michelle Bucsai says:

    An inspiring, humbling piece of film making. Thank you for sharing your grief, loss, inspiration and courage with us.

  26. Tim Wells says:

    Congratulations and thank-you. A very well told, accessible and relevant story. We can all benefit from your work and your trusting community. You’ve done the art of documentary film making proud. Please pass on my thanks to all involved that help share such important and personal accounts. Best wishes for your community and your next project.

  27. Cathy Porter says:

    Thankyou for making such an incredible documentary. My whole family sat watching mesmerised and was brought to tears by the Strathewan story on Black Saturday and the following months and years after as individuals and as a community. My hat off to you – inspiring. Strathewan, please know that you are not forgotten.

  28. Ann Bolch says:

    Dear Celeste & Jeni,

    Congratulations on your courage and creativity. Then the wind changed is a moving, informative, intimate look at such a variety of people – and all from Strathewen. That you empathised so well and that they trusted you so well is in essence what made this documentary probably the best of any documentary I have ever seen.

    Please send my gratitude to the people featured in the film – their openness has helped me understand something of your loss and, more broadly, ‘recovery’.

    The sincerity of the narration, the inspiring but economical writing, the skilled cinematography and tight yet well-paced direction and editing combined to create a most powerful story. Thank you.

    Bes wishes to you and the rest of the community.

  29. Stephen Edgar says:

    Thank You….

  30. Scott Vickers-Willis says:


    I thought your film was an amazing production, beautifully told and moving. Congratulations on this inspiring piece of filmmaking that is so personal in it’s telling. Each person in Strathewen featured in your film seems so inspirational and they collectively teach Australians and all people what love and community can do when faced with the greatest adversity.

    Your viewpoint and narrative was brilliant. You deserve huge accolades and I am sure that the whole community values this film as another step in the healing process.



  31. Michael says:

    Your film was beautifully made, congratulations.

  32. Sky Hunt says:

    I just saw Celeste Geer’s film and am truly touched. So respectful, elegant and moving. What a brave and courageous community.

    Thank you Celeste for having the passion and guts to share this important story.

    Sky Hunt
    Mother of 2

  33. Karen Allen says:

    Just watched the film on channel 2, and wanted to say thank you. This was not only a beautiful piece of film but a beautiful display of the human spirit. Thank you to the families for sharing their stories!

  34. Darren Hallesy says:

    A moving, inspring and fascinating look at how the human spirit rises to the top in times of crisis. The people of Strathewen are an inspiration, and define what it is means to be Australian. A must-see doco for every Aussie.
    Darren Hallesy
    City West News, Ipswich Qld.

  35. Jeff Daniels says:

    Excellent website for a worthy film. Looking forward to its DVD release.

  36. Jacob Schindler says:

    Great site! When is the DVD released?

  37. Tom Hardish says:

    Thank you for inviting me to the Australian premiere at ACMI. It was a beautiful night, perfectly fitting for the film. You have pulled off something truly special and I hope a lot of people get to see the film.

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